Julie Valentine
Livermore, CA
Website: www.valentinestudio.com
Phone: 650-493-7337
Email: jv@valentinestudio.com

Expertise/Specialty: Musical Theatre and contemporary styles of music.
Musical Styles Taught: Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Country, Other
Education: University of Northern Colorado
Memberships/Affiliations: National Association of Teachers of Singing, Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, Theater Bay Area

Julie Valentine has been a recognized and respected artist and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979. Her work as a director, choreographer and musical director has been seen throughout Northern California. She has performed professionally as a singer and actress in all types of venues from theatre to cabaret. Ms. Valentine is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and an Associate of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society. She served on the staff of the Palo Alto Children's Theatre and on the Board of Directors of Palo Alto Players. Ms. Valentine believes in a positive and supportive approach to teaching. In addition to private coaching, she has taught master classes, seminars and workshops in both acting and voice. Current and former students are working professionally in film, television and on the Broadway stage.

Online lessons available via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.


Jeannette Smith
Pleasanton, CA
Website: www.jsvocalstudio.com
Phone: 925-484-9634
Email: sing4me@jsvocalstudio.com

Expertise/Specialty: Free voice, musical interpretation and expression
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Country
Education: San Francisco Conservatory of Music; BM Vocal Performance
Memberships/Affiliations: San Francisco Girls Chorus (Choral conductor and voice coach); Music Teacher's Association of California (MTCA)

I can help you (or your child) to be able to sing in tune, freely and easily with projection, while eliminating injurious vocal habits. The singing technique I embrace promotes health and longevity of the voice, and singing should not be difficult or uncomfortable in any range. I never promote pushing, straining, or false manufacturing of a certain sound, even in the "pop" style of singing. I have been teaching music professionally for 20 years, and private voice lessons for over 14 years. I work with adults, teens and pre-teens to help improve musicianship while helping all to find the true beauty and power of the natural singing voice. In addition to teaching choir and music theory at Middle and High School levels, I have also been a musical theatre performer, a member of a rock band, a professional pianist and a professional opera singer. Please check out my personal website for more information.


Guy Babusek
Santa Ana, CA
2961 W. MacArthur Blvd. Suite #125
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Website: www.voice-lessons.com
Phone: 714-540-5211
Email: guy@voice-lessons.com

Expertise/Specialty: Vocal Technique
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Others
Education: Cal State Fullerton, Certified Speech-Level-Singing Teacher
Memberships/Affiliations: SLS Institute

The Guy Babusek Vocal Studio is based in Orange County, California. Mr. Babusek offers vocal training in the Speech-Level Singing technique developed by Seth Riggs. This technique helps improve your range, endurance, stamina, breath-control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality.


Chelsea Arts Music Studio Online
New York, NY
Website: ChelseaArtsMusicStudio.com
Email: ChelseaArtsMusicStudio@gmail.com

Expertise/Specialty: Healthy placement, breath control, tone, lyrical expression, Bel Canto style, Alexander Technique. Preparation for performing arts High School and College auditions.
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Worship Music
Education: Yale University, Juilliard, NYU

Hello! My name is Sara, and I am happy to be a part of your musical journey. I am conducting in-person lessons at my studios in New York, NY, as well as online.

My goal is to help students become joyful, self-sufficient musicians. I emphasize fundamentals of breathing, technique, rhythm, song structure, and vocal placement. I use my training in Bel Canto singing and Alexander Technique to help all students gain comfort and stability. These techniques can be applied successfully to all genres to give students a clear, healthy tone.

I also offer the highest quality online lessons in both voice and piano. I use a no-delay audio program, which allows me to hear your singing in real time. This means I am able to instruct you immediately in the moment, without any static, skipping or audio lag.

I guide students in being independent and insightful performers. I find that this approach - rather than teaching students a few standard pieces from a pre-set repertoire - makes for a life-long musician. If you are interested in high-quality music lessons, please visit ChelseaArtsMusicStudio.com for more information on me and my teaching methods. Thank you!


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