Chelsea Arts Music Studio Online
New York, NY
Website: ChelseaArtsMusicStudio.com
Email: ChelseaArtsMusicStudio@gmail.com

Expertise/Specialty: Healthy placement, breath control, tone, lyrical expression, Bel Canto style, Alexander Technique. Preparation for performing arts High School and College auditions.
Musical Styles Taught: Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Contemporary, Worship Music
Education: Yale University, Juilliard, NYU

Hello! My name is Sara, and I am happy to be a part of your musical journey. I am conducting in-person lessons at my studios in New York, NY, as well as online.

My goal is to help students become joyful, self-sufficient musicians. I emphasize fundamentals of breathing, technique, rhythm, song structure, and vocal placement. I use my training in Bel Canto singing and Alexander Technique to help all students gain comfort and stability. These techniques can be applied successfully to all genres to give students a clear, healthy tone.

I also offer the highest quality online lessons in both voice and piano. I use a no-delay audio program, which allows me to hear your singing in real time. This means I am able to instruct you immediately in the moment, without any static, skipping or audio lag.

I guide students in being independent and insightful performers. I find that this approach - rather than teaching students a few standard pieces from a pre-set repertoire - makes for a life-long musician. If you are interested in high-quality music lessons, please visit ChelseaArtsMusicStudio.com for more information on me and my teaching methods. Thank you!


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